The Arizona State University Industrial Assessment Center (AS-IAC) provides free energy, productivity, and waste assessments to small and medium sized industrial facilities through funding provided by the US Department of Energy.

AS-IAC Activity Map
469 Assessments
3,745 Recommendations
3.67 Tbtu Energy Saving*
$69.64 million Cost Savings*
26 Students Trained
*Recommended Savings
Assessment - Case Studies

AS | Assessment: AS0318
Plastic Beverage Bottles Maker Implements All Recommendations
Plastic Beverage Bottles Maker Implements All Recommendations
Contact Center Website
Center Director Dr. Rene Villalobos
Phone # +1 480-727-6098
Fax # n/a
Mailing Address Psychology North (PSYN) 150
Tempe, AZ 85281
Assistant Director Dr. Patrick Phelan
Assistant Director Ryan Milcarek
Other Dr. Abdelrahman Shuaib
Other Dr. Luis Bocanegra
Arizona State University has trained 26 students
The following students have participated in IAC assessments with Arizona State University since 2003, when student name tracking began.
The 14 students (in BOLD) have also been awarded IAC student certificates for exceptional participation.

Ahmed Alghandoor
Amanda Williams
Anasthas ios Francis
Anne Raynes
Cameron Marble
Cesar Martinez
David Jacobi
Eric Duncan
Espiridion Evangelista
Fernando Aguirre
J. Shane Chadwick
Jane He
Jason Rawe
Lionel Mitchop
Malathi Ramesh
Neil Hounjet
Prajesh Bhattacharya
Rajitha Vallebhaneni
Ramesh Sadashiv
Rene Villalobos
Sabarish Vinod
Sanjoy Saha
Santosh Krishnamurthy
Sonali Singh
Tassos Frantzis
Valdemar Gonzales

Apply for an IAC Assessment

per year
Specific Eligibility
  • Must be a US Manufacturer
  • Yearly Energy Bills:
    • Greater than $100,000
    • Less than $2,500,000
  • Within 150 miles of an IAC
*For special cases, certain requirements may be waived.

Final client selection is left to the discretion of the individual IAC center.
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