2014 Student Research Awards

Texas A&M, College Station Center
A Novel Method for Non-Intrusive Measurement of Compressed Air Leakage Flow Rates
Students Patricio Ramirez, Matthew Krebs, David Saltzman, Brian Hinkel, Crystal Torres
Director Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
Boise State University Center
Impact of Hydrophobic Impeller Surface Coatings on Pump Efficiency
Students Sean Rosin, Dennis Twitty, Michael Armstrong, and Vitor Da Silva Santos
Director Krishna Pakala
University of Dayton Center
Are Variable-Frequency Pumping Applications Delivering the Predicted Savings?
Students Vijay Gopalakrishnan, Alex Brogan, Rohan Das
Director Dr. J. Kelly Kissock
Staff Adviser Dr. Donald Chase
University of Michigan Center
Substitution of Electricity with Natural Gas Burners for Industrial Dryers to Reduce cost and Pollutant
Students Kumar Aanjaneya, Hayden Youngs, Danielle Kyser and Karl Stimmel
Director Arvind Atreya

2013 Student Research Awards

Syracuse University Center
Efficiently Reducing Thermal Stratification at Small and Medium-Scale Industrial Facilities
Students Jillian Burgoyne, Enrica Galasso, Mark Seibel
Director Suresh Santanam Sc.D. PE.
University of Michigan Center
Radiation Enhancement to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Pollutants
Students Weiyu Cao, Nicholas Montes
Director Arvind Atreya
Staff Adviser Pawel Olszewski

2012 Student Research Awards

Texas A&M, College Station Center
Miscellaneous IAC Efficiency Projects
Students Franco Morelli
Director Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
San Diego State University Center
Ultra-Low Grade Thermal Energy Recovery with Storage, Using Organic Rankine Cycle
Students Michael Soda
Director Dr. Asfaw Beyene
University of Alabama Center
Compressed Air Systems Assessment: Effect of Inlet Air Temperatures
Students Hamid Najafi
Director Keith A. Woodbury
University of Dayton Center
Energy Efficient Humidity Control in Manufacturing
Students Dustin Pohlman, Abdul Qayyum Mohammed
Director Dr. J. Kelly Kissock
University of Michigan Center
Possibility of Combustion Furnace Operation with Oxygen-Enriched Gas from Nitrogen Generator
Students Dan Borgnakke
Director Arvind Atreya

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