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Case Studies
AM | Assessment: AM0517
Vinyl Flooring: Additional Savings are a Pleasant Surprise
AM | Assessment: AM0648
Exercising Efficient Industrial Practices
AS | Assessment: AS0318
Plastic Beverage Bottles Maker Implements All Recommendations
BS | Assessment: BS0001
Pepsi Bottler and Boise State IAC Pop the Top on Energy Savings
DL | Assessment: DL0071
Assessment Overview: Thermoplastics Manufacturer
LE | Assessment: LE0235
Aluminum Company Implements Major Recommendations
LL | Assessment: LL0124
An Oilfield Equipment Maker Implements All Recommendations
LS | Assessment: LS2105
Energy Efficiency in Tarp and Packaging Manufacturing
LS | Assessment: LS2106
Saving Energy for Bayou Shrimp Processors
LS | Assessment: LS2107
Energy Saving with Ragan & Massey
LS | Assessment: LS2117
Saving Energy for Southland Industrial Coating
MA | Assessment: MA0511
Metals Manufacturer Implements 100% of Recommendations
MA | Assessment: MA0618
Unanticipated Benefits From Energy Audit
MI | Assessment: MI0361
MIIAC Helps Teledyne Reduce Energy Consumption by 25%
MS | Assessment: MS0212
Potential Savings from Aircraft Assembly Company
NC | Assessment: NC0322
Recommendations Saves by Increasing Storage Efficiency
NC | Assessment: NC0431
Opening the Door to Energy Savings
NC | Assessment: NC0540
Phasing Plants into Modern Lighting Usage
OK | Assessment: OK0658
Automotive Door Seal Maker Implements IAC Recommendations
OK | Assessment: OK0723
Assessment Center saves company $60,000
OK | Assessment: OK0736
Increasing Worker Safety and Savings Through Baking Oven Re-insulation
OK | Assessment: OK0812
SLW Automotive Works with IAC to Capture Savings & Reduce Costs
OK | Assessment: OK0839
Energy Savings for Brick Manufacturers
OK | Assessment: OK0919
The Importance of Investing in Energy Efficient Equipment
OR | Assessment: OR0629
Great Western Malting
SD | Assessment: SD0285
Potential Savings from Education and Commercial Furniture
SF | Assessment: SF0244
Valuable Large Savings for Citrus Juice Maker
SF | Assessment: SF0459
Reduction of Water Consumption for Plant in Drought Region
SF | Assessment: SF0463
Realizing Big Savings for Small Business
SU | Assessment: SU0156
Metal Finishing Plant Implements 100% of Recommendations
SU | Assessment: SU0306
Assessment Overview: Eaton Corporation
SU | Assessment: SU0526
Assessment Overview: Pratt & Whitney
TT | Assessment: TT0052
Electrical Switchgear Manufacturer Realizes Large Savings in VSD
UA | Assessment: UA0108
Compressed Air Savings: Less is More
UA | Assessment: UA0133
Energy Efficient Lighting: Towards a Brighter Future
UA | Assessment: UA3031
Small Lumber Mill Finds Big Energy Savings
UD | Assessment: UD0850
Spotting the Savings: Honeywell
UF | Assessment: UF0239
Dura Automotive Systems Finds Significant Savings
UM | Assessment: UM0214
Automotive Equipment Maker Implements Big Energy Saving
WI | Assessment: WI0454
Potential Savings for Plastics Manufacturer
WM | Assessment: WM0024
Savings with HVACs
WV | Assessment: WV0326
Assessment Yields Energy Savings of 1,411 MMBtu per year
WV | Assessment: WV0390
Industrial Energy Assessment Yields Energy Savings of 9%
WV | Assessment: WV0437
Substantial Energy Cost Reduction Opportunities
WV | Assessment: WV0490
A Variety of Savings Opportunities for RV Manufacturer
WV | Assessment: WV0536
Energy Savings Opportunities for Waste Water Treatment Facility
WV | Assessment: WV0581
Energy Savings Opportunities Galvanized Steel Manufacturing
WV | Assessment: WV0589
Energy Savings Opportunities for Plastic Manifold and Papers Filter Manufacturer
WV | Assessment: WV0596
Energy Savings Opportunities for Plastic Tube Manufacturing Facility
WV | Assessment: WV0601
Energy Savings Opportunities for Distilled Spirit Manufacturing Plant