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Implementation Grant Funding Opportunity Open
IMPORTANT: The grant program operates on a rolling basis and applications may be submitted at any time, with quarterly reviews.
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Implementation Grant Funding Opportunity Open
Qualifying* small and medium-sized US manufacturers, that received IAC or Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership assessments between 2018 and 2024, can now apply for grants for implementation of assessment recommendations up 50% of qualifying* project costs with a maximum of $300,000 per manufacturer.
IMPORTANT: The grant program now operates on a rolling basis and applications may be submitted at any time through the year, with quarterly reviews.
*See Full Grant Solicitation for full qualification and selection details.
AM | Assessment: AM0517
Vinyl Flooring: Additional Savings are a Pleasant Surprise
AM | Assessment: AM0648
Exercising Efficient Industrial Practices
AS | Assessment: AS0318
Plastic Beverage Bottles Maker Implements All Recommendations
BS | Assessment: BS0001
Pepsi Bottler and Boise State IAC Pop the Top on Energy Savings
DL | Assessment: DL0071
Assessment Overview: Thermoplastics Manufacturer
LE | Assessment: LE0235
Aluminum Company Implements Major Recommendations
LL | Assessment: LL0124
An Oilfield Equipment Maker Implements All Recommendations
LS | Assessment: LS2105
Energy Efficiency in Tarp and Packaging Manufacturing
LS | Assessment: LS2106
Saving Energy for Bayou Shrimp Processors
LS | Assessment: LS2107
Energy Saving with Ragan & Massey
LS | Assessment: LS2113
Wood Pellets and Energy Efficiency
LS | Assessment: LS2117
Saving Energy for Southland Industrial Coating
MA | Assessment: MA0511
Metals Manufacturer Implements 100% of Recommendations
MA | Assessment: MA0618
Unanticipated Benefits From Energy Audit
MI | Assessment: MI0361
MIIAC Helps Teledyne Reduce Energy Consumption by 25%
MS | Assessment: MS0212
Potential Savings from Aircraft Assembly Company
NC | Assessment: NC0322
Recommendations Saves by Increasing Storage Efficiency
NC | Assessment: NC0431
Opening the Door to Energy Savings
NC | Assessment: NC0540
Phasing Plants into Modern Lighting Usage
OK | Assessment: OK0658
Automotive Door Seal Maker Implements IAC Recommendations
OK | Assessment: OK0723
Assessment Center saves company $60,000
OK | Assessment: OK0736
Increasing Worker Safety and Savings Through Baking Oven Re-insulation
OK | Assessment: OK0812
SLW Automotive Works with IAC to Capture Savings & Reduce Costs
OK | Assessment: OK0839
Energy Savings for Brick Manufacturers
OK | Assessment: OK0919
The Importance of Investing in Energy Efficient Equipment
OR | Assessment: OR0629
Great Western Malting
SD | Assessment: SD0285
Potential Savings from Education and Commercial Furniture
SF | Assessment: SF0244
Valuable Large Savings for Citrus Juice Maker
SF | Assessment: SF0459
Reduction of Water Consumption for Plant in Drought Region
SF | Assessment: SF0463
Realizing Big Savings for Small Business
SU | Assessment: SU0156
Metal Finishing Plant Implements 100% of Recommendations
SU | Assessment: SU0306
Assessment Overview: Eaton Corporation
SU | Assessment: SU0526
Assessment Overview: Pratt & Whitney
TT | Assessment: TT0052
Electrical Switchgear Manufacturer Realizes Large Savings in VSD
UA | Assessment: UA0108
Compressed Air Savings: Less is More
UA | Assessment: UA0133
Energy Efficient Lighting: Towards a Brighter Future
UA | Assessment: UA3031
Small Lumber Mill Finds Big Energy Savings
UD | Assessment: UD0850
Spotting the Savings: Honeywell
UF | Assessment: UF0239
Dura Automotive Systems Finds Significant Savings
UM | Assessment: UM0214
Automotive Equipment Maker Implements Big Energy Saving
WI | Assessment: WI0454
Potential Savings for Plastics Manufacturer
WM | Assessment: WM0024
Savings with HVACs
WV | Assessment: WV0326
Assessment Yields Energy Savings of 1,411 MMBtu per year
WV | Assessment: WV0390
Industrial Energy Assessment Yields Energy Savings of 9%
WV | Assessment: WV0437
Substantial Energy Cost Reduction Opportunities
WV | Assessment: WV0490
A Variety of Savings Opportunities for RV Manufacturer
WV | Assessment: WV0536
Energy Savings Opportunities for Waste Water Treatment Facility
WV | Assessment: WV0581
Energy Savings Opportunities Galvanized Steel Manufacturing
WV | Assessment: WV0589
Energy Savings Opportunities for Plastic Manifold and Papers Filter Manufacturer
WV | Assessment: WV0596
Energy Savings Opportunities for Plastic Tube Manufacturing Facility
WV | Assessment: WV0601
Energy Savings Opportunities for Distilled Spirit Manufacturing Plant