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SIC Index
The Standard Industrial Classification SIC is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. [Wikipedia]
The North American Industry Classification System SIC is now the primary industrial coding system.
ALL SIC Description Assessments Asmts Recommendations Reccs Recommended $ Savings
open 20xx 20xx Food and Kindred Products 2,423 18,818 $345,195,250 Map
open 21xx 21xx Tobacco Products 18 158 $5,081,674 Map
open 22xx 22xx Textile Mill Products 550 3,994 $74,991,124 Map
open 23xx 23xx Apparel And Other Textile Products 340 2,334 $18,618,527 Map
open 24xx 24xx Lumber And Wood Products 959 6,778 $162,821,562 Map
open 25xx 25xx Furniture And Fixtures 464 3,388 $40,233,312 Map
open 26xx 26xx Paper And Allied Products 970 7,672 $162,837,608 Map
open 27xx 27xx Printing And Publishing 727 5,467 $63,421,502 Map
open 28xx 28xx Chemicals And Allied Products 1,029 7,772 $252,673,857 Map
open 29xx 29xx Petroleum And Coal Products 176 1,253 $50,624,596 Map
open 30xx 30xx Rubber And Miscellaneous Plastics Products 2,013 15,731 $237,636,409 Map
open 31xx 31xx Leather And Leather Products 87 622 $6,422,046 Map
open 32xx 32xx Stone, Clay, And Glass Products 719 5,212 $173,222,799 Map
open 33xx 33xx Primary Metal Industries 1,256 9,688 $251,724,702 Map
open 34xx 34xx Fabricated Metal Products 2,433 18,537 $230,890,909 Map
open 35xx 35xx Industrial Machinery And Equipment 1,869 13,851 $140,607,899 Map
open 36xx 36xx Electronic & Other Electric Equipment 1,043 7,718 $117,728,825 Map
open 37xx 37xx Transportation Equipment 1,066 8,242 $143,991,118 Map
open 38xx 38xx Instruments And Related Products 491 3,562 $45,526,829 Map
open 39xx 39xx Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries 314 2,355 $28,775,371 Map