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The North American Industry Classification System NAICS is a system for classifying industries by a six-digit code. [Wikipedia]
ALL NAICS Description Assessments Asmts Recommendations Reccs Recommended $ Savings
open 311xxx 311xxx Food Manufacturing 974 8,090 $184,383,299 Map
open 312xxx 312xxx Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing 206 1,622 $40,682,286 Map
open 313xxx 313xxx Textile Mills 107 795 $15,777,484 Map
open 314xxx 314xxx Textile Product Mills 56 436 $6,667,953 Map
open 315xxx 315xxx Apparel Manufacturing 45 354 $4,020,914 Map
open 316xxx 316xxx Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing 7 50 $330,774 Map
open 321xxx 321xxx Wood Product Manufacturing 375 2,697 $85,860,922 Map
open 322xxx 322xxx Paper Manufacturing 334 2,743 $82,394,230 Map
open 323xxx 323xxx Printing and Related Support Activities 214 1,757 $24,841,205 Map
open 324xxx 324xxx Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing 96 711 $35,629,016 Map
open 325xxx 325xxx Chemical Manufacturing 560 4,513 $168,541,036 Map
open 326xxx 326xxx Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing 815 6,946 $120,349,907 Map
open 327xxx 327xxx Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing 290 2,199 $70,450,685 Map
open 331xxx 331xxx Primary Metal Manufacturing 470 4,041 $128,969,611 Map
open 332xxx 332xxx Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing 1,072 8,613 $120,949,219 Map
open 333xxx 333xxx Machinery Manufacturing 633 5,106 $63,628,166 Map
open 334xxx 334xxx Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing 296 2,245 $40,964,901 Map
open 335xxx 335xxx Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing 211 1,649 $27,811,190 Map
open 336xxx 336xxx Transportation Equipment Manufacturing 657 5,198 $88,381,444 Map
open 337xxx 337xxx Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing 198 1,517 $20,148,374 Map
open 339xxx 339xxx Miscellaneous Manufacturing 255 2,072 $30,119,554 Map