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Implementation Grant Funding Opportunity Open
IMPORTANT: The grant program operates on a rolling basis and applications may be submitted at any time, with quarterly reviews.
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Implementation Grant Funding Opportunity Open
Qualifying* small and medium-sized US manufacturers, that received IAC or Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership assessments between 2018 and 2024, can now apply for grants for implementation of assessment recommendations up 50% of qualifying* project costs with a maximum of $300,000 per manufacturer.
IMPORTANT: The grant program now operates on a rolling basis and applications may be submitted at any time through the year, with quarterly reviews.
*See Full Grant Solicitation for full qualification and selection details.
The North American Industry Classification System NAICS is a system for classifying industries by a six-digit code. [Wikipedia]
ALL NAICS Description Assessments Asmts Recommendations Reccs Recommended $ Savings
open 311xxx 311xxx Food Manufacturing 1,165 9,310 $214,356,391 Map
open 312xxx 312xxx Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing 264 2,004 $52,317,024 Map
open 313xxx 313xxx Textile Mills 122 900 $18,275,690 Map
open 314xxx 314xxx Textile Product Mills 68 522 $8,357,357 Map
open 315xxx 315xxx Apparel Manufacturing 50 391 $4,429,682 Map
open 316xxx 316xxx Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing 9 59 $355,812 Map
open 321xxx 321xxx Wood Product Manufacturing 421 2,997 $99,042,095 Map
open 322xxx 322xxx Paper Manufacturing 358 2,895 $89,231,512 Map
open 323xxx 323xxx Printing and Related Support Activities 239 1,924 $27,228,773 Map
open 324xxx 324xxx Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing 111 811 $38,687,045 Map
open 325xxx 325xxx Chemical Manufacturing 661 5,245 $192,605,856 Map
open 326xxx 326xxx Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing 966 7,993 $142,419,023 Map
open 327xxx 327xxx Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing 351 2,597 $98,222,534 Map
open 331xxx 331xxx Primary Metal Manufacturing 529 4,485 $145,828,648 Map
open 332xxx 332xxx Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing 1,275 10,067 $142,700,090 Map
open 333xxx 333xxx Machinery Manufacturing 772 6,061 $74,886,341 Map
open 334xxx 334xxx Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing 361 2,694 $49,438,112 Map
open 335xxx 335xxx Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing 261 2,027 $35,870,757 Map
open 336xxx 336xxx Transportation Equipment Manufacturing 818 6,378 $114,162,635 Map
open 337xxx 337xxx Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing 216 1,614 $21,185,505 Map
open 339xxx 339xxx Miscellaneous Manufacturing 316 2,497 $47,982,438 Map