The University of Illinois, Chicago Industrial Assessment Center (IC-IAC) provides free energy, productivity, and waste assessments to small and medium sized industrial facilities through funding provided by the US Department of Energy.

IC-IAC Activity Map
213 Assessments
1,837 Recommendations
2.64 Tbtu Energy Saving*
$47.50 million Cost Savings*
72 Students Trained
*Recommended Savings
Contact Center Website
Center Director Lin Li
Phone # +1 312-996-3045
Fax # +1 312-413-0447
Mailing Address 842 W Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60607
Assistant Director Clifford Haefke
Other Patrick Brown
Other Sean Wynne
University of Illinois, Chicago has trained 72 students
The following students have participated in IAC assessments with University of Illinois, Chicago since 2003, when student name tracking began.
The 42 students (in BOLD) have also been awarded IAC student certificates for exceptional participation.

Aaron Hart
Alora Moore
Amaan Laheri
Andrea Nehrbass
Andrew Sheaffer
Andrey Gribovich
Anna Nawara
Arturo Hernandez
Avelino DeVeyra
Blaise Steele
Borko Andric
Brennan Downes
Brian Clark
Brian Malone
Carl Lowendorf
Chris Heckert
Clint Vericker
Dan Hollenbach
Dave Kulikowski
Dave Lichtenfeld
David Eslinger
David Garon
Diego Velez
Dima Alfawakhiri
Dylan Mathews
Erik Peterson
Grace Junge
Jaime Frausto
James Gilbert
Jeremy Hass
Jian-Yih Cheng
Jim Gibson
Jim Lyon
Joanna Zamiechowska
Jonathan Aardsma
Jonathon Arana
Joseph Marasso
Kate Merrill
Kevin Kunkel
Kevin Kunkell
Krista Sutton
Kyong Chang
Lois Kwon
Mark Stine
Matt Darnell
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Swanson
Michael Poulopoulos
Mike Kittler
Milos Stefanovic
Montserrat Aguero
Nebojsa Kisic
Noel Corral
Patrick OBoyle
Paul Nigro
Phillip Valenzuela
Piotr Czarny
Purvi Patel
Ritzi Salaum
Robert Miller
Rohith Bharadwaj
Rosie Galindo
Samantha Gutierrez
Scott Timme
Simon Nowak
Stefano Galiasso
Steve Spentzas
Steve Zsinko
Tara Ceasario
Timothy Johnson
Vijay Viswanathan
WaShawn Brooks

Apply for an IAC Assessment

per year
Specific Eligibility
  • Must be a US Manufacturer
  • Yearly Energy Bills:
    • Greater than $100,000
    • Less than $2,500,000
  • Within 150 miles of an IAC
*For special cases, certain requirements may be waived.

Final client selection is left to the discretion of the individual IAC center.
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