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Episode 1A: Air Compressors: Supply

Dr. Michael Muller of Rutgers University talks about the supply side of air compressors. Topics include types of air compressors, drying air, filters and separators, and the components of the compressor control room. This is the first of a two-part series on air compressors.

Episode 1B: Air Compressors: Demand

Dr. Michael Muller of Rutgers University talks about the demand side of air compressors. Topics include how to find holes in a compressed air system, common oversights by plants when using compressed air, and how IIOT can be used for compressed air systems. This is the final part of the air compressor series.

Episode 2A: Efficiency in Industrial Cooling

Dr. Michael Muller of Rutgers University talks about process cooling. Topics include the importance of industrial cooling and its related efficiencies, chiller basics, process temperature control, temperature reaction management, and ancillary processes such as refrigeration and cold storage. This is the first installment of a two-part series on industrial cooling.

Episode 2B: Efficiency in Industrial Cooling Towers

Dr. Michael Muller of Rutgers University talks about industrial cooling towers and concludes his discussion on industrial cooling. Cooling tower topics include fill, fans, floating heads, efficiency and maintenance, seasonal changes, and free cooling. Additional topics include absorption chillers as well as strategies to reduce wasteful cooling and repurpose cold materials. This is the final episode in the Industrial Cooling series.

Episode 3: Electricity and Demand Management

Dr. Michael Muller of Rutgers University talks about electricity and demand management. Topics include utilities, electric bills, demand management strategies, and industrial analytics with 15-minute data.