IAC Center of Excellence: 2018
Student Video Contest Winner: 2015

The Tennessee Technological University Industrial Assessment Center (TT-IAC) provides free energy, productivity, and waste assessments to small and medium sized industrial facilities through funding provided by the US Department of Energy.

TT-IAC Activity Map
226 Assessments
1,574 Recommendations
3.91 Tbtu Energy Saving*
$28.97 million Cost Savings*
181 Students Trained
*Recommended Savings
Tennessee Technological University also coordinates a Satellite IAC Center at:
University of Memphis
Assessment - Case Studies

TT | Assessment: TT0052
Electrical Switchgear Manufacturer Realizes Large Savings in VSD
Electrical Switchgear Manufacturer Realizes Large Savings in VSD
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Noteworthy Feedback
""You guys did an awesome job and I was totally impressed with the energy team." - Tim Brown "I want to thank you again for the effort you and your team displayed yesterday at our facility. It is refreshing to see young minds at work and eager to please. They did an outstanding job and were complimented in our 8:00 am production meeting. I have already began the process to complete the Manufacturing Tax Exempt form for Piedmont Natural Gas Company. I am looking forward to your official report from your assessment team. Please send a compliment to your team from me. Thanks again.""
- Source: Tim Brown, Engineering Leader, 03/11/2014
"Quote from client "Please tell your group that their visit was a very successful one. It gave us the information needed to acquire some capital money to help fund the lighting program we have in place now. We are more aware of our compressed air system and have an air conditioning replacement schedule.""
- Source: Chris Cantrell, Facilities Maintenance, 02/07/2014
"I just want to express my sincere appreciation to you and your team that worked so diligently in our facility this week. I am really pleased with the progress and the recommendations that were proposed. As you saw, we have many opportunities to enhance our energy conservation efforts and we are indebted to your team for bringing those to the forefront for us. The students were really engaged in the process and their presentations supported such. Again, thank you for your efforts and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever need assistance."
- Source: David Whitworth, Plant Manager, 03/13/2014
""I reviewed your report with our Board on Friday. They were sufficiently impressed that we would like to engage with IAC at our Monticello AR and Anderson SC plants. Thank you so much for the good work!""
- Source: George McCabe, Board of Directors, Drew Foam, 07/28/2014
"Thanks MIchelle and team. This was a great audit, especially given the small amount of time allotted. I believe it was beneficial to everyone involved. I am hopeful that we can move forward with some of the recommendations and get some savings in the near future. Thank you! Mark "
- Source: Mark Rogers, Engineer - Corporate Energy & Reliability, Shaw Industries Group, 03/20/2014
"- We just finished our lighting project in the plant. What a difference. More light, less kWh and a rebate from TVA. win, win, win. Professor Cunningham's team did a study in our facility which has been very beneficial. Thank you sir."
- Source: Michael Jackson, Engineer, Thomas and Betts, 02/28/2013
""Just to let you know, the Giles facility and our Manufacturing Operations President loved the report. They are excited and are already implementing some of the recommendations and we've forwarded the report to all our Facility General Managers for them to evaluate their own facilities.""
- Source: Gavin Mabe, Engineer, Giles Industries, 07/10/2014
"The work you guys helped us with has paid off. Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you guys in our new plant in the near future."
- Source: Chuck Moore, Maintenance Manager, Ficosa, 08/26/2015
""I just wanted to note that, that the 10th recommendation, we added 57 total occupancy sensors throughout the plant. The assessment team initially recommended 15 in our warehouse and the project was such a success we added 57 total throughout the plant.""
- Source: Dustin Wallace, Environmental & VPS Coordinator, Volvo Penta, 10/02/2015
"“The benefits we felt by working together with Tennessee Tech’s IAC group have been substantial. Dr. Glenn Cunningham and his team of graduate and undergraduate students brought an opportunistic attitude to our energy assessment, worked in a highly professional manner at all times and delivered a thorough analysis of our current condition, how we could improve and the potential cost savings from implementing their recommendations. We strongly encourage any eligible manufacturing site to take advantage of this program.” "
- Source: Kyle Corbin, EHS Manager, ABC Inoac, 06/11/2015
""They [the team] did an amazing job yesterday. I'm very excited about the possibilities of their analysis.""
- Source: Gavin Mabe, Clayton Homes, 03/13/2015
"Energy Assessment Team, I wanted to take a few moments to thank you all for the opportunity to work with you on the energy assessment at our Clinton, TN plant. The managers and employees here were very impressed with the way your team carried out their assignments. I look forward to seeing how all the data comes out and to using your recommendations as a roadmap to future energy savings."
- Source: John Humler, Maintenance & Tooling Manager, Nelson Global Products, 01/13/2016
"Dr. Cunningham: I had very high expectations for this event...they were blown away and were exceeded on the upside in all aspects of this exercise. Thank you and your team for the outstanding work you performed on our behalf. We look forward to receiving your formal report and recommendations as soon as it is completed. ... I am forwarding the D.O.E./IAC program information to our two plants in Dayton and Springfield TN, along with a recommendation that they request the Tennessee Tech team for their site visit. Thanks again for your outstanding work and we look forward to your recommendations! Please forward our high praise to the rest of your team."
- Source: John Mahan, CI Specialist, International Automotive Componenets, 06/03/2016
"On behalf of Bridgestone Warren County, thank you so much for the work the Tennessee Tech Industrial Assessment Center did at our facility to identify ways for us to reduce our energy costs. The team was very professional, and it was terrific to get some new perspectives on our processes, with some great ideas! We were happy to be part of getting the students in your program exposed to Industry applications as part of their education. Please pass our gratitude on to everyone involved in the assessment."
- Source: Tamara Martensen, Plant Manager, Bridgestone, 12/07/2018
"The energy assessment went very well. Thank you, to all of you, for your time and attention to detail. The team has already been generating some great ideas, for savings opportunities. This was a great hands-on experience, and it was also a networking opportunity, as we offer internships... We are definitely interested in a Cybersecurity assessment! ... Thank you, Michelle, for your helping coordinate both assessments. We are so excited to partner with you!"
- Source: Jennifer Stockman, HSE Specialist, Mann + Hummel, 02/06/2019
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Center Director Dr. Glenn Cunningham, P.E., CEM
Email gcunningham@tntech.edu
Phone # +1 931-372-6386
Fax # +1 931-372-6345
Mailing Address PO Box 5077
Cookeville, TN 38505
Assistant Director Jeffrey Marchetta, Ph.D.
Assistant Director Dr. Ethan Languri, P.E.
Other Michelle Davis
Tennessee Technological University has trained 181 students
The following students have participated in IAC assessments with Tennessee Technological University.
The 58 students (in BOLD) have also been awarded IAC student certificates for exceptional participation.

Aaron Cook
Aaron Willey
Adam Cunningham
Aditya Jayanthi
Albert Wilson
Allison Muraski
Amanda Rushing
Amanda Winter
Andrew Gordy
Andrew Rausch
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Griffith
Anthony Taylor
Austin Estes
Avery Stokes
Ben Hassler
Benjamin Runyon
Blakely Goans
Bradley Beach
Brandyn Hoffer
Brian Ridley
Brian Traylor
Brianna Sullins
Brodie Metcalf
Brooks Goans
Brooks Hayes
Carl Groover
Carlo Garcia
Carlos Canelo
Casey Potts
Casey Tipton
Chandler Cain
Charles Collier
Chase Ray
Chris Loftis
Chris Reedy
Clay Paul
Cody Bateman
Collin Barlow
Dakota Mays
Dalton Bowen
Dan Brookshear (ETSU)
Daniel Glover
Daniel Kirkman
Daniel Samoila
David Clifford
David Hinson
David Pumroy
David Rogers
David Sierra
David Ward
David White
Davin Strom
Dean Sewell
Dini Williams
Douglas Uzcategui
Douglas Williams
Dustin Boyett
Dylan Davis
Eddie Strickland (Memphis)
Emily Hancock
Evan Kixmiller
Garth Ghearing
George Gulas
Ghabros Messiha
Gregory Stanford
Grover Hickman
Hannah Ross
Harley Brown
Henry Joure
Herbert Yau
Hollee Sadler
Ian Brown
Ian Swagerty
Jacob Barbee
Jacob Bilbrey
Jake Jordan
James Leverette
Jamie Sharp
Jared Zeringue
Jason Fathi
Jason Morgan
Jay Howard
Jeffery Walker
Jeremy Prince
Jeremy Rehbein
Jerry Thompson
Jessica Shappley
Jimmy Kitchens
Jin Sen Chen
Joel Beretta
Jonathan Stephenson
Jordan Hayes
Josef Bangean
Joseph Meadows
Joseph Richards
Josh Osborne
Joshua Daugherty
Julius Phillips
Justin Dorning
Justin Hall
Justin Tripp
Kade Howard
Katye Graves (Memphis)
Ken Mitchell
Kevin Mainini
Kevin Rumbolt
Kevin Smith
Kyle Bieze
Kyle Huffman
Kyndal Rozelle
Lacy Robbins
Lelyn Masters
Levi Carroll
Luis Rey
Maheshwar Roa Nunna
Marcia Turco
Marco Gonzalez
Marcus Bohac
Mark Umbehagen
Maruthi Srinivas
Marvin Mecwan
Matt Beard
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Vela
Matthew Webster
Melissa Moffet
Micah Kassner
Michael James
Michael Sampson
Mindy Ren
Narendar Mogulla
Nathan Eason
Nathan Payne
Nathaniel Taylor
Neil Dries
Noah Small
Pallavi Pandit Patil
Persephone Johnston
Peter DeGloma
Philip Chadwick Bays
Raman Senthil Kumar
Randall Hodges
Raymond Bowker
Razvan Gavriliuc
Richard Bazar
Riley Collins
Rob Griffin
Ryan Burns
Ryan Henderson
Samantha Blanton
Sara Gordon
Scott Davis
Sebastian Barajas
Seth Leedy
Shane Terry
Spencer Freeman
Spencer Jones
Stephanie Parnell
Stephen Doorley
Stephen Louis
Stephen Mason
Stephen Mirdo
Steven Duong
Suman Acharya
Sydney McKinney
Timothy Avello
Travis Danis
Tristian Fenwick
Troy Rudolph
Tyler Cortner
Tyler Coulter
Tyler Huffine
Wilkins Dedwylder
William Alston
William Anderson
William Gaetjens
William Parker
Yueh Ying Liao
Zach Demko
Zachary Rose

Apply for an IAC Assessment

per year
Specific Eligibility
  • Must be a US Manufacturer
  • Yearly Energy Bills:
    • Greater than $100,000
    • Less than $2,500,000
  • Within 150 miles of an IAC
*For special cases, certain requirements may be waived.

Final client selection is left to the discretion of the individual IAC center.
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