IAC Center of Excellence: 2006

The North Carolina State Industrial Assessment Center (NC-IAC) provides free energy, productivity, and waste assessments to small and medium sized industrial facilities through funding provided by the US Department of Energy.

NC-IAC Activity Map
643 Assessments
5,062 Recommendations
9.73 Tbtu Energy Saving*
$104.06 million Cost Savings*
115 Students Trained
*Recommended Savings
Assessment - Case Studies

NC | Assessment: NC0540
Phasing Plants into Modern Lighting Usage
Phasing Plants into Modern Lighting Usage
NC | Assessment: NC0431
Opening the Door to Energy Savings
Opening the Door to Energy Savings
NC | Assessment: NC0322
Recommendations Saves by Increasing Storage Efficiency
Recommendations Saves by Increasing Storage Efficiency
Related Papers & Publications

2 Papers / Publications
Misenheimer, C and Terry, SD, " Modeling Hybrid Nuclear Systems with Chilled-Water Storage,", ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, Jan 2017, | doi:10.1115/1.4033858
Oluwami, A and Terry SD, " Hybridization and Optimization of Gas Turbine for Compressed Air Energy Storage System (Computer Modeling and Simulation),", 2017 IETC Conference, New Orleans, LA, June 2017,

1 Papers / Publications
, " Using Outside Air for Flooded Oil Screw Compressors at an Industrial Facility,", Proceedings of the Industrial Energy Technology Conference,

1 Papers / Publications
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2 Papers / Publications
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1 Papers / Publications
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Noteworthy Feedback
"E3 program making presentation on total survey package - including energy survey. Positive comments from IES."
- Source: Anna Mangum, E3 Coordinator, NCSU Industrial Extension Service, 12/04/2014
"Dr. Terry, thank you for visiting this week, it was a pleasure having you and your team on our campus. The program you run, aside from being a benefit the manufacturing community is a great opportunity for the students to see what reality is ahead of them heading out into the world to make it a better place. I am personally jealous that we did not have such a thing back in my day. "
- Source: 06/30/2017
Contact Center Website
Center Director Dr. Stephen Terry
Email sdterry@ncsu.edu
Phone # +1 919-515-1878
Fax # +1 919-515-7968
Mailing Address 911 Oval Drive
Campus Box 7910
Raleigh, NC 27695
Assistant Director Dr. Brendan O'Connor
North Carolina State has trained 115 students
The following students have participated in IAC assessments with North Carolina State.
The 44 students (in BOLD) have also been awarded IAC student certificates for exceptional participation.

Abraham Harman
Adefolaolumani Odeniyi
Alan Briggs
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Viola
Andrew Forrest
Andrew Murphy
Anvay Joshi
B. J. Meier
Benjamin Cox
Blake Chestnut
Brandon Hines
Brent Jason Theiling
Brett Ross
Brock Frisbee
Bryan Roy
C Rebecca Woltz
Chaitanya Sonawala
Chris Georgoulius
Chris Germaine
Christine Maurer
Christopher Belton
Christopher Hodrick
Corey Misenheimer
Craig Hums
Crystine Good
Daniel Christy
Daniel Paprocki
David Gunderson
David Hughes
David Hunt
David Wilson
Deanna Silsby
Dolanimi Ogunkoya
Ed Hollar
Elizabeth Harrington
Elizabeth Worsham
Elton Dale Cranford
Emily Solis
Erica O'Donnel
Evan McConnell
Garrett Raper
Gopal Chaudry
Hannah Pifer
Harrison Kesling
Harsha Holalu Ramakrishna
Harshdeep Ahluwalia
Hurtford Smith
Jackson Wooten
Jackson Wooten
Jacob Freeman
Jacob Jay
Jacob Walgenbach
James Turner
Jason Reichow
Jesse Gyongyos
John Bear
John Nickels
Jonathan Drum
Jonathan Hill
Josh Poole
Josh Powell
Joshua Pope
Juliet Simpson
Justin Gibides
Justin Linke
Justin Ng
Kalyan Palaparthy
Kate Patterson
Kevin Linke
Kiran Thirumaran
Kristine Kesling
Logan Greer
Ludmilla Nikitina
Lynn Albers
M Tucker Daniels
Matthew Laney
Michael Simon
Mike Geci
Myra Manning
Natalie MacDonald
Nathan Block
Nathaniel Lewis
Nicholas Llewelyn
Nicholas Stogner
Nicole Harvey
Nyawira Nyota
Olivia Gartz
Panth Naik
Paul Mobley
Philip Miller
Phillip Hatcher
Raymond Lancaster
Robin Locke
Ryan Nester
Ryan Parry
Ryan Springer
Ryan Staton
Sanjyot Varade
Sarah Meiers
Sarath Babu
Saurabh Ray
Scott Hays
Scott Parker
Stephen Carlton
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Terry
Taylor Atkins
Trevor Ferguson
Walter Bright
Wendy Johnson
William Best
William Buescher
Winfred Locus
Zachary Foster

Apply for an IAC Assessment

per year
Specific Eligibility
  • Must be a US Manufacturer
  • Yearly Energy Bills:
    • Greater than $100,000
    • Less than $2,500,000
  • Within 150 miles of an IAC
*For special cases, certain requirements may be waived.

Final client selection is left to the discretion of the individual IAC center.
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