IAC Center of Excellence: 2016

The University of Kentucky Industrial Assessment Center (UK-IAC) provides free energy, productivity, and waste assessments to small and medium sized industrial facilities through funding provided by the US Department of Energy.

UK-IAC Activity Map
95 Assessments
1,035 Recommendations
2.29 Tbtu Energy Saving*
$17.25 million Cost Savings*
39 Students Trained
*Recommended Savings
Related Papers & Publications

1 Papers / Publications
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3 Papers / Publications
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Contact Center Website
Center Director Dr. Donald Colliver
Email dcolliver@uky.edu
Phone # +1 859-257-8042
Fax # +1 859-257-3092
Mailing Address 453 FPAT
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506
Assistant Director Dr. Lawrence E. Holloway
Assistant Director Dusan Sekulic
Assistant Director Tom Henninger
University of Kentucky has trained 39 students
The following students have participated in IAC assessments with University of Kentucky.
The 23 students (in BOLD) have also been awarded IAC student certificates for exceptional participation.

Adam Plumley
Andrew Roach
Andy Shaefer
Bill Williams
Brad Nation
Braydi Mcpherson
Dean Adams
Evan Schroader
Fangxiao Dong
Gabriel Smith
Grant Boggess
Grayson Woods
Hollie Staskal
Jake Trimpe
Jeff Marshall
Jonathan Boustani
Jonathan Gasser
Junhao Yan
Katharine Estep
Kumar Rishikish
Lucas Schaftlein
Luke Blakely
Martin Prichard
Masoud Arabghestani
Melissa Anders
Michael Henry
Preston French
Rachel Norton
Rahul Nehete
Ryan Edwards
Salvador Loc
Scott Kelly
Shelby Detring
Shravan Govindaraj
Stephen Hardy
Trevor Combs
Will Brennan
Zachary Tyler
Zack Lippay

Apply for an IAC Assessment

per year
Specific Eligibility
  • Must be a US Manufacturer
  • Yearly Energy Bills:
    • Greater than $100,000
    • Less than $2,500,000
  • Within 150 miles of an IAC
*For special cases, certain requirements may be waived.

Final client selection is left to the discretion of the individual IAC center.
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