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IAC Recommendation Types
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IAC Recommendation Types
The Assessment Recommendation Codes ARC is a system for classifying recommendations. [Manual]
TOP ARC Description Recommendations Reccs Recommended $ Savings Average Payback (yrs) Implementation Rate Imp Rate
back 2.xxxx 2.xxxx ENERGY MANAGEMENT 129,653 $1,730,423,314 1.8 50.8%
back 2.7xxx 2.7xxx Building and Grounds 42,774 $310,274,118 1.9 51.0%
back 2.71xx 2.71xx LIGHTING 30,094 $179,185,086 2.0 53.4%
2.714x 2.714x Hardware 19,233 $142,045,804 2.6 56.9%
2.7141 2.7141 LOWER LIGHT FIXTURES IN HIGH CEILING AREAS 134 $2,260,347 4.1 43.5%
2.7142 2.7142 UTILIZE HIGHER EFFICIENCY LAMPS AND/OR BALLASTS 18,223 $134,270,920 2.6 58.0%
2.7144 2.7144 INSTALL SPECTRAL REFLECTORS / DELAMP 472 $2,998,434 1.4 46.7%
2.7145 2.7145 INSTALL SKYLIGHTS 403 $2,507,761 2.6 23.4%