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The North American Industry Classification System NAICS is a system for classifying industries by a six-digit code. [Wikipedia]
TOP NAICS Description Assessments Asmts Recommendations Reccs Recommended $ Savings
back 334xxx 334xxx Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing 296 2,244 $40,966,269 Map
back 3344xx 3344xx Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing 159 1,230 $24,097,954 Map
33441x 33441x Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing 159 1,230 $24,097,954 Map
334412 334412 Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing 27 215 $2,101,313 Map
334413 334413 Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing 25 181 $7,885,499 Map
334416 334416 Capacitor, Resistor, Coil, Transformer, and Other Inductor Manufacturing 27 240 $2,916,491 Map
334417 334417 Electronic Connector Manufacturing 19 145 $1,149,819 Map
334418 334418 Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing 32 227 $4,578,558 Map
334419 334419 Other Electronic Component Manufacturing 29 222 $5,466,274 Map